Running 4CF | 1865 Miles

From the 1st September 2014, Steven Johnson has been running five miles every single day. The aim? To run five miles every day, for a whole year. That's 1865 miles in total—the equivalent of running from his house in Whalley to Marakesh in Morocco, Africa. Currently he has completed 269 of the 365 runs.

Design Force: Running 4CF | 1865 Miles

This challenge is inspired by Amelia, the daughter of Steven's good friend, who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. Steven is using his passion for running, to raise much-needed funds for research that will hopefully result in better treatment for Amelia and her thousands of fellow CF sufferers.

A running group has grown up around the challenge with 50-ish people of all abilities joining Steven every monday night from the Foxfields Hotel, Whalley at 6.45pm. Each 100-day milestone has also welcomed over 100 people running and fundraising. There will be another event on 27th June to mark the 300th run.

Design Force: Running 4CF | 1865 Miles

Regardless of rain, shine, hangovers, holidays, work stuff, family do's or whatever else normally gets in the way of going for a run, Steven will be donning the trainers and hitting the streets. On most occasions, he'll be accompanied by his long-time running partner, Betty the whippet.

As of today we have raised £6,778.96 and have a target of 10k by the end of the challenge.

If this interests you in the slightest there are number of ways you can get involved:

Design Force: Running 4CF | 1865 Miles
  • By giving generously through the Just Giving page.
  • By suggesting interesting/ challenging/ridiculous (and reasonably local) 5 mile routes to keep things interesting.
  • Joining Steven on a 5-miler from now till the finale, on 31st August 2015.
  • Inviting Steven to do 5 miles as part of your own individual or club training.
  • Liking the Facebook page and sharing amongst your friends.
  • Arranging more specific sponsorship in return for advertising / exposure to our 800 strong Facebook community.